Q. How do you “Take the Stress out of Payroll?

A. Payroll processing can be a very time consuming chore complicated by complex rules and regulations. As a result most business owners either pay for costly payroll services though impersonal national payroll providers or provide minimal options for their employees. We can now offer you a stress free service and cut your payroll time to minutes.

Q. How can our payroll services ease your payroll task?

Our payroll system is your anywhere, anytime payroll department. Instant paychecks, free Direct Deposit, free electronic tax deposits, completed tax forms and live customer support makes payroll chores easy. Email reminders and custom To-Do lists ensure what to do and when. Signature-ready payroll tax forms are completed automatically, including 940's, 941's and W-2's.

Q. Do you offer federal and state electronic filing of payroll taxes?

A. Yes, many states are set up for electronic filing of payroll taxes. For the states that do not provide for this service currently we provide you with the amount and the due date to make these payments.

Q. Do you offer electronic filing of Federal and state payroll compliance forms (Quarterly and Annual reports)?

A. Yes. Best of all, we provide this service without additional cost to you. This is an extreme time saver for you and your staff. The time saved on this feature alone will more than pay for the service.

Q. Do you offer direct deposit into my employee’s bank account?

A. Yes. Again, unlike many payroll services, we provide this service free of additional charge. Your employees will love the convenience of not waiting to pick up their check (especially on their day off) and making a special trip to their bank.

Q. I run a very small business, can I offer my employees advanced services such as medical insurance, 401(k) and similar options?

A. You sure can. We will include these options at anytime and show you how easily your company can provide these incentives just like the large employers. You can also track sick time and vacation time for each employee.

Q. How do I send you my employee time each period?

A. Depending upon the service you desire, the information may be entered on our secure web site, sent in a pre-formatted spreadsheet, or faxed/telephoned to our office.

Q. Is your payroll service secure?

A. Yes our Payroll service provides you with the following:

1. Login and password are required to access the system. Payroll Relief AC is hosted on secured servers.

2. Firewalls and intrusion-detection system added for utmost security. Data is encrypted while transmitted over the Internet. Data is stored on Clustered servers, which creates a highly redundant and available application. All data is backed up every hour, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

3. Our servers are located in “state of the art” data centers that have redundant power and cooling systems as well as redundant Internet connectivity. The facility is secured using the latest Biometric systems

Q. I currently use an outside payroll service, and, frankly, has not been pleased for various reasons. What alternatives do I have?

A. With our system you now have access to a payroll alternative that is advanced and on the “cutting edge” of technology. You can access this service 24/7 right here on our web page. This is an attractively priced alternative able to accommodate the most complex situations and yet easy for businesses with only one or two employees.

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Q. Need tax or small business accounting assistance?

A. We recommend the Accounting / Tax / Business Consulting and Financial Services of Adornetto & Company, LLC. Click here to visit their website.

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